Our History


Jesse Kolber, our foundation’s namesake, graduated from the State University of New York at Purchase with a degree in music composition and production. After spending several years splitting his professional focus between music and education, Jesse founded LogicPrep with his wife Lindsay in 2007, with the goal of helping students to maximize their standardized testing potential and navigate the path to success in the college application process.

Through dogged determination and confident decision-making, Jesse, Lindsay, and the rest of the LogicPrep family built LogicPrep from a fledgling company into a flourishing educational enterprise with locations across the US and internationally. Over the past decade, LogicPrep has guided thousands of students through this challenging and transformative period in their lives. These students’ successes brought Jesse immense pride and joy.  Tragically, Jesse lost a difficult battle with cancer in the fall of 2017, but LogicPrep will continue to flourish as a testament to his work ethic, innovative spirit and compassionate leadership.

Though Jesse had many passions in life, from music and nature to animals and family, one that stands out was his passion for his students. Throughout his ten years as LogicPrep’s leader, Jesse maintained a commitment to helping students of all backgrounds to achieve their educational goals. He developed a program to provide pro-bono college preparatory services to high-achieving low-income students and remained committed to these students’ trajectories throughout their undergraduate experiences and into their careers.

To honor his legacy, the Jesse Kolber Foundation will continue Jesse’s vision of supporting underserved students. All funds will be granted directly to the students to cover tuition and other costs of higher education, and LogicPrep will provide pro-bono instruction and college advising to these students in order to help them achieve their educational dreams.


The Jesse Kolber Foundation is committed to providing both access to and financing for college to highly achieving students who have demonstrated resilience, financial need, and a commitment to academic excellence. Research shows that students from low income backgrounds have a more difficult time getting into college and adjusting to its demands during the course of their undergraduate education. At the foundation, we provide standardized test preparation and college application support to these students in order to help them gain access to four year universities. Additionally, we provide scholarship funding that will help close the gap in access to these institutions and cover the cost of some living expenses. It is our mission to identify and support these students through the testing and application process and beyond.